What is nuno felting?
"Nuno" is the Japanese word for cloth.  Whereas most felting techniques simply combine loose fibers, nuno felting bonds those fibers onto a lightweight fabric, such as sheer silk, creating stunning textural contrast.  Each of Doris Namasté's garments are made by hand using a wet felting process.

How quickly will my order be shipped?
We ship next-day whenever possible. Depending on current inventory, your purchase may be handmade after you have placed your order, in which case the item will ship within 5 business days.

How do I care for my new garment?
Felted silk may look very delicate, but it's actually very easy to care for! All items can be handwashed in tepid water.  We recommend using a mild detergent and laying your garment flat to dry.  If needed, the piece may be ironed on a silk/wool setting.

Can I order a custom piece?
If you would like to order an existing design in a color combination not listed, feel free to email us at artbynamaste@gmail.com